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Hi, my name is Jay Deiman. I've been in a computer related field of some sort now for quite a while now. I've noticed in my years that I seem to forget more than I actually remember. I've encountered the situation where I have a problem, I either find or figure out a fix for it, and then I promptly forget about it entirely only to need that same bit of information a couple of months later. That is the reason that this wiki is here.

I've been a big fan of dokuwiki for quite some time. I've either used or implemented it in a number of places I've worked. Therein lies this site. I've mainly put this up for my own use, but it is publicly readable as well. If anyone else would like to contribute content to this site, you can email me for a login at If you find something erroneous, you can also let me know at that email address. Otherwise, make use of what's here.

And if you are interested in seeing more of the work that I've done, check out my github. You can also follow me on Mastodon.

Spammers Suck

If you are actually a human who wants to contribute to this site, please sign up for an account and then drop me an email personally telling me what user you created and I'll give you access. Lately, I've been getting a ton of obvious bots signing up for accounts on here.


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