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YTKaraoke mini-hack

Getting the Repo Synced

First, we'll be working out of the repo on my private server so we can add whoever we want to the hack. After we're done, I'll sync it up to the github repo.

You'll need to sync your git repo to your machine. Here's the essential info for doing that:

Username <your name>
Password <talk to Jay>

To make this easy, you'll want to setup a .netrc file in your home dir like this:

login <your name>
password <talk to Jay about this>

That way, you won't have to type in a password for the web auth every time you do an operation.

Once you've got your .netrc setup, you can clone the repo with the following:

git clone
git checkout dev_master

At that point, you can start hacking. If you have any issues, let me know.


These are also up on github, and I would recommend using that for tracking, but if you don't have access, here's the list:

Song played is still showing up in the playlist

There seems to be a bug wherein you can end up with a song in the queue that is currently playing that will be added back to the queue after being played… And then it disappears after the next song plays.

Freeze the top N songs in the list and maneuver the rest

There's some churn that happens at the top of the playlist where things get rearranged sometimes. This might have something to do with the server-side caching though.

Handle search fails on the client side

Right now, there's really no client side error reporting. This needs to be added for things like failure to add an item to the queue.

Multiple of the same songs pop up on the next up screen

I can't actually repro this at this point

Add admin mode

This would have 2 parts. A simple password would be (optionally) set upon creation of a new playlist. This password would then allow someone to modify the playlist similar to the way you can do so in “My Songs”

Find and debug a broken song in the player

There are some songs that just get skipped by the player and I need to find out why. I also need to pop up an error message when something doesn't play to say why it doesn't play.

Repro songs:

  • “Being alive” song didn't play
  • “Family Tradition (Originally Performed by Hank Williams, Jr.) (Karaoke Version)” ← didn't work
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