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Subsonic Android Configuration

If you are one of the lucky few with access to my Subsonic server, here are the instructions for setting up the Android app to access the music on the fly.

Get the App

First, if you don't already have it, go grab the Android app from the Play Store. That link should work whether you are on your phone or web browser.

Configure a Server

Now that you have the app, you need to set the server settings to access the server.

Vital Info

First, here is a quick table with info:

Name This can be whatever you want it to be
Server address This must be: ← Note that is https!
Username Your username. This is the same as what you use for web access
Password Your password. Again, the same as what you use to access it via the web

IMPORTANT!!: the screenshots below show the server address as Do NOT use that, use the above instead.

Step By Step

Now, let's move on to the visual walkthrough.

Open Subsonic

Open up the Subsonic app and make sure you are on the “home page”. If not, press the “home” icon.

Select Home

Go to Settings

We now want to navigate to the settings page. Click on the “menu” button and select Settings.

NOTE: This demo is based on a Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich. You probably have a different “menu” button than what you see here, most likely a built-in touch-sensitive spot or a physical button.

Press the menu button

Select Menu

Now select Settings

Select Settings

That should bring up the settings page, which will look something similar to this.

Settings Page

Configure For Splitstreams

Now, we just need to set this up to access my server.

Select one of the items in the “Servers” section. For this demo, I'm going to select “Unused 2”

Select Unused

Now, you just need to enter your information. For the demo, I'm naming my server “Mega music” and my username will be “username” (real imaginative, I know). Be sure to enter your username and password here. Be sure you enter, exactly as shown, for the “Server address”. Again, note that it is an https url.

Config Page

Once you have all your information entered in, press “Test connection”

Select Test

Then, you should see the following “toast” pop up after a successful test:

OK Toast

At this point you are all configured for access to the server.

Select the Server

All that is now left is to just select the server and start listening.

Hit your back button until you return to the “home” page.

Press Back

Once you are back to the “home” page, press the “Select server” button at the top.

Select Server

Then just pick your newly set up “Mega music” server

Select the Server

That's it! You are all set. You can now start exploring the music by artists with a press of the “treble clef” icon.

Select Music

You can also load playlists or search for particular things here too. Happy listening!

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