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Moving to Google Apps for Domains


In the interest of eventually eliminating a physical machine from my home network and not having mail be “down” when my power goes out, I'm moving, etc., I decided to make this changeover. Not only does this grant you email access, you can also add a calendar, docs and other Google stuff to this email account. If you already have a gmail account, things will look and be identical in functionality to that.

If you are using POP or IMAP in a desktop mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook, you can continue to do that, but you will have to make some configuration changes (those are detailed in Desktop Clients) and enable POP/IMAP via the web once you log in to the new interface.

Vital Info

Here is a table of all the important info you will need during this transition.

New Username Your username is just your email address.
New Password Emailed to you You should have received your new password in an email prior to the actual transition. If not, email for it
New Webmail Location This is just “mail.” followed by whatever your email domain is. Ex.: If you are, the webmail is located at
New IMAP Server
IMAP Port 993 This is the standard IMAP SSL port
IMAP SSL Yes Make sure you have SSL enabled for the connection
New POP Server Editor's note: POP sucks, use IMAP
POP Port 995 This is the standard POP SSL port
POP SSL Yes Make sure you have SSL enabled for the connection
Outgoing Server This is for sending email out
Outgoing Server Username Your username is just your email address
Outgoing Server Password
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