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 +====== Annoying SASL Error ======
 +===== Background =====
 +For the longest time, my damn ''​auth.log''​ file kept getting spammed with the following errors:
 +Dec  3 12:18:58 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53444]:​ sql_select option missing
 +Dec  3 12:18:58 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53444]:​ auxpropfunc error no mechanism available
 +Dec  3 12:24:32 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53490]:​ sql_select option missing
 +Dec  3 12:24:32 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53490]:​ auxpropfunc error no mechanism available
 +Dec  3 12:28:06 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53506]:​ sql_select option missing
 +Dec  3 12:28:06 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53506]:​ auxpropfunc error no mechanism available
 +Dec  3 12:30:17 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53529]:​ sql_select option missing
 +Dec  3 12:30:17 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53529]:​ auxpropfunc error no mechanism available
 +Dec  3 12:33:12 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53544]:​ sql_select option missing
 +Dec  3 12:33:12 postfix postfix/​smtpd[53544]:​ auxpropfunc error no mechanism available
 +Needless to say, quite annoying. ​ I am using ''​authdaemond''​ as my ''​pwcheck_method''​ in my ''​smtpd.conf''​ so it was rather odd to me that the sasl library was complaining ​ about a missing ''​sql_select''​ option since it shouldn'​t have been loading the sql plugin at all.  I searched the tubes quite a few times with no real results until I finally found the following //fix//.
 +===== The Workaround =====
 +The workaround for the above problem is actually quite simple, really. ​ You simply remove all the ''​libsql*''​ files in ''/​usr/​local/​lib/​sasl2''​. ​ That's it.  Personally, I moved them all into a folder I created in that directory on the off chance that I may need them in the future. ​ Obviously, this is going to wreak havoc if you are using libsasl for more than one app's authentication and the other one uses sql.  But, if you are using it as I am, where I'm only using sasl for smtp auth through an alternate mechanism (''​authdaemond''​ in my case), then this will end the spamming of your log file.
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